Responsibilities of BEING


Responsibilities of BEING

God’s word tells us that “unless the trumpet sounds a certain sound” it is impossible for others to truly follow. For that reason, I submit to you guidelines for what I prayerfully request from those who are a part of One Way’s leadership team.

I do not suggest these from a heart of legalism or demand. I am putting them in written form to make things easier for everybody. There are few things worse that uncommunicated expectations. Let me be quick to say that none of us are “all of these things...all the time.” We all continue to be Christians under construction. It is with deep and sincere respect for you that I present these responsibilities.

1) Be a God-lover. By this I mean a passionate disciple of the Lord. A disciple is one who imitates the mannerisms, thoughts, words, and actions of his master. More that all else our leadership team needs people that are desperately pursuing their relationship with the Lord. Please do not give this first responsibly a quick, “Yeah, yeah – I’m already there” attitude; ask yourself, am I passionately in love with Jesus?

2) Be somebody that loves children. Kids are starving for love; they must feel God loving them through us.

3) There must be a serious priority placed upon your personal spiritual growth.
4) Cultivate leaders must be servants at heart.
5) Leader’s must have faithfully walked with the lord at least 1 year, making them “proven”.

6) Leaders must be teachable. This includes an attitude of being able to receive both instruction and correction when needed. A person who is still highly defensive or who has to be “carried a pillow” has no place in leadership.

7) Leaders must pursue personal holiness and “abstain from every appearance of evil.” There must be a sincere desire to shun compromising situations. For the unmarried, we go by 1 Tim 5.

8) Leaders should be positive and encouraging, not negative and discouraging, sarcastic.

9) Gossip and backbiting have no place in Cultivate. Problems should never go underground. Leaders are never to bad-mouth One Way, our church, or any other church of Jesus. Loyalty is a CORE VALUE of our leadership team.

10) We will esteem people who are able to make mistakes and quickly admit it.

11) Finally we covet attitudes of unselfishness, gratitude, teamwork, faith, vision, humility, and loyalty (not just to One Way, but to First Assembly) 

Responsibilities of DOING

Responsibilities of DOING

Even though the responsibili5es of “being” will always have priority over “doing”, the work of the ministry is exactly that – WORK! Thus, I submit these ac5ons to you, which are requested as part of the ministry team:

1) Maintain consistent attendance in:

  • Sunday adult service
  • Adult Microchurch of your choice o Your assigned One Way service

Faithfully watch over a “flock” – your small group.

  • Pray through the lesson during the week, let God speak to you regarding what your kids need to hear 
  • Stay aware of any needs in their lives
  • Give Pastor Jason feedback about needsevents, and victoriesPray over every member of your flock weekly.

3) Help staff the One Way services

  • Attend weekly VIP meetings, 25 minutes prior to your service time
  • Prepare during the week for your small group
  • Sit with your kids during Large Group time. (Discipline by proximity!)
    • Thermometers “GAUGE” the spiritual temperature of a room.
    • Thermostats “SET” the spiritual temperature of a room.
  • Pray with kids during ministry time
  • Stay about 15 minutes arer service. Good relation building time!

4) Take one day per week as your assigned day of intense prayer and fasGng for One Way. (Wednesday)

5) Limit absences to no more than 2 per semester. Plan ahead to find your own subs5tute when you are absent.

6) Keep Jason up to date each month. Turn in the “accountability sheets” once a month.

7) Faithfully support the church through your 5thes and missions
8) Being consistently involved in a
Microchurch of our church.
9) Be, or be in the act of becoming, a
church member.
10) Cover Pastor Jason and Katie – both naturally and supernaturally. 

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics 

I will conduct myself in a manner that does not bring reproach on the cause of Christ. 


1. No alcoholic beverages.
2. No tobacco products.
3. No illegal drugs.
4. No illicit sexual activity or moral impurity including adultery, pornography, or improper physical contact with children. 

5. In consideration of I Thessalonians 5:22, I will abstain from all appearances of evil. 

I will subscribe to the doctrinal beliefs of Church on the Move, and I will not communicate to my students or fellow workers anything that contradicts the COTM doctrinal statement. I Corinthians 1:10: Amos 3:3. 

I will refrain from participation in gossip, murmuring, and complaining about church leaders and policies. I will address my concerns to the appropriate authorities in a civil and Christ-like manner.
I Corinthians 1:10, II Corinthians 12:20. Should I find it impossible to resolve my grievance, I will resign my position in a manner considerate of the on-going program. I Thessalonians 5:12. 

I will faithfully teach my class without chronic absenteeism, tardiness, or lack of preparation. I will give a fourteen-day notice of my absence (except in the case of emergency), and I will never fail to notify my superiors of my absence. I understand that chronic absenteeism, tardiness, and refusal to attend meetings are grounds for dismissal. Luke 16:12. 

I will attend adult services at least once weekly in addition to serving in my class. Hebrews 10:25. 

I will maintain a cheerful disposition, work in the spirit of faith, and rebuff those who endeavor to introduce negative attitudes into the Christian Education program. 

I have read the above statements and subscribe to them whole-heartedly. 

Safety Policies

Safety Policies

Every policy and procedure in this manual is to be taken seriously and given thoughtful consideration. There are, however, three areas of safety that are considered the most important. Every volunteer should have a clear understanding of “The Big Three,” and take extra precaution to insure that these safety procedures are being followed at all times.



1. As a child enters the classroom, verify the child has a name tag and is entering the correct classroom.
2. If a child approaches without a parent and without a name tag, bring them through the doors,
DO NOT leave your post. Direct the child to the Information Desk and the Service Coordinator or Room Coordinator will notify CE Staff. If a child approaches without a name tag kindly direct the parents to check-in the child before entering the classroom.
3. If a child has a smiley face, an arrow pointing upwards, or a Mighty Warrior shield on their name tag kindly direct the parents to the Information Desk. If the child is not accompanied by a parent, direct the child to the Information Desk for further assistance. DO NOT leave your post. DO NOT send the child back into the hallway to find their parents.
4. If a child tries to enter the classroom with food or drink, kindly notify the parent that the child can finish eating in the hallway before entering. If there is no accompanying parent, kindly direct the child to the nearest trash can in the room to discard any and all food and drink. If the child is visibly upset by this, notify the Service Coordinator for further assistance.
5. Once a child is in our care, he or she is NEVER to leave the classroom for any reason.


1. A child is only approved to exit when accompanied by a parent who has turned in the child’s name tag with a matching claim check.
2. If a name tag or claim check is missing, the family must check-out at the Information Desk.
The Information Desk volunteer will gather the needed information and stamp the child‘s hand. Once the child has a hand stamp, they are approved to exit with their parent or guardian. This stamp takes the place of a missing claim check or name tag.

3. Any child with a Mighty Warrior icon on their name tag must first check-out at the Information Desk before they are approved to exit. A stamp on the child’s hand is verification that they have been approved through the Information Desk. NO child is allowed to exit without going through the exit process.

KOTM Safety Policies & Procedures (CONTINUED)


1. Two adult females (18 years old or above) must be present and accountable to each other while taking a child to the restroom.
2. NO man should ever enter the boys’ or girls’ restroom for any reason.
3. If a child needs to use the restroom they must check in with one of our two female volunteers assigned to monitor the restroom hallway.

4. Each child visiting the restroom will be given a clothespin or bathroom pass so we can keep track of how many children are in a restroom at any given time.
5. There should never be more than 3 boys or 3 girls in their respective restroom at a time.
6. The two female restroom monitors should be aware of how long each student is in the restroom. If a child is taking too long, go to the door and check on the student.

7. If a child needs assistance in the restroom, 2 adult female volunteers must enter together.
Let the Room Coordinator know so another volunteer can cover the doorway.
8. If a child has an accident, radio CE staff and they will provide extra clothing.
9. Volunteers that need to use the restroom should check with the Service Coordinator and use a public restroom outside of KOTM. Do NOT use the doors leading out to the Main Auditorium. Please use the doors leading out into the KOTM Lobby.


Each volunteer should consider the appearance of his or her interaction with kids. In other words, if a parent were to walk by and see you interacting with their child, what impression would they get?


1. High fives, fist pounds 2. Pats on the back
3. Side hugs


1. Full hugs initiated by either the child or the volunteer (side hugs only) 2. Picking kids up
3. Swinging kids by their arms
4. Holding kids hands

5. Kids holding onto your leg as you drag them around 6. Tickling, poking, or massaging
7. Hitting, spanking, or firmly grabbing 

Volunteer Policies

Volunteer Policies


No phone calls, texting, or picture taking inside the classroom.


In the event of an accident involving injury in the classroom, all witnesses to the accident must give their account on an incident report. Notify the Room Coordinator of the incident so they can sign the back of the form and radio the Service Coordinator and/or staff as needed.


All adult visitors requesting to enter a classroom must first go to a full-service check-in station where they must provide a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, military ID) and meet the Nursery/Preschool Director. ALL adult visitors must have a printed name tag to enter a room and are NOT permitted to interact with or have any contact with any child at any time. This includes but is not limited to all photography and video taking. Radio staff IMMEDIATELY if this policy is not followed.


ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the classrooms. Please finish and discard them before entering the classroom.


In the event of an incident, the Service Coordinator will call a CE staff member and fill out an Incident Report. ONLY CE staff is allowed to text or page a parent. If there is blood on the child that cannot be contained or cleaned up, the parent must be contacted immediately. ALWAYS wear disposable vinyl gloves when handling any type of incident involving blood.


Children who are sick will not be allowed inside the classroom. Prohibited symptoms include rash, diarrhea, vomiting, fever within the past 24 hours, or cold/virus symptoms such as a runny nose that is cloudy, yellow, or green. The parent will be contacted if a child has a fever of 99.8 or higher.


NO MEDICATION is to be administered to a child inside the classroom, even with a parent’s permission. Volunteers must leave the classroom to take any medication and wash their hands before returning to the classroom. NO medicine of any kind is allowed in the classroom.


All radios have a slight delay. Please hold down the call button for two seconds before announcing who you are and who you are calling. Wait for an answer and then continue with your communication. 


1. Please be neat and clean in your appearance. We prefer that volunteers wear the provided KOTM t-shirt. If you choose different attire, please ensure that the shirt is modest. Make sure your clothing is not revealing in any manner. No tight-fitting, low-cut, or sheer items may be worn in the classroom.
If your leadership feels that an item of clothing is too revealing, you will be asked to put on a

KOTM t-shirt.
2. Skirts and shorts should be, at the minimum, as long as the tips of your middle finger when standing with your arms to your side.
3. No tight-fitting pants or jeans.
4. Wear your name tag at all times.
5. Remember, you are a representative of Jesus and Church on the Move.


Upon arrival, please check in at a kiosk by typing in your 10-digit phone number. You will receive a printed name tag. Make sure you put this on before dropping your own children off at their classroom. The name tag lets the Room Coordinator know to receive your child 35 minutes before service begins.


Arrival times vary from service to service. Be sure to check with your Service Coordinator to find out the correct arrival time. When in doubt, it is good to show up at least 45 minutes before your assigned service.


If you are repeatedly tardy for your assigned service and position, you will be notified to be mindful of your arrival time. If the tardiness continues, you will be asked to take a leave of absence for a period of time. If the tardiness is work-related, arrangements or adjustments can be made.
(Multiple emergencies or late notice absences in a short period of time will be evaluated and possibly lead to dismissal.)


All absence requests must be submitted using a block-out date on Planning Center Online ( ALL absence requests require a two-week notice, as stated in the Code of Ethics. For all absences due to an emergency, contact the Volunteer Director by phone (918.234.8114) or email (


Volunteers or their children who are coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or have an infection, virus, or fever of any kind within 48 hours of their assigned service, should let their Service Coordinator know, and email or call 918.234.8114 as soon as possible. If your symptoms continue into the 24 hour period before your assigned service, we ask that you do not come to class.


Any volunteer with children 4 to 11 years of age may participate in the Kid Host Program. Kid Host provides a safe place to leave your children in the care of our volunteers so that you are able to arrive at your volunteer post on time. The Kid Host room opens one hour before all services. Breakfast snacks are served before the 9am service and dinner is served before the Wednesday night service. The Kid Host volunteers will escort your children to the room designated on their name tag. To sign your child up for Kid Host, contact the Volunteer Director at


If a parent alerts you to any changes that need to be made in their child’s account due to a change in personal information or a mighty warrior status, direct the parent to the Family Records Desk. The Family Records Desk is open thirty minutes before every service.


Should you have a change to any of the items listed below, please make the necessary changes through Planning Center Online AND submit an updated kiosk Card at a full-service kiosk station. Needed information includes name, address, phone number, email address, etc.


If you should decide to resign as a volunteer after the initial six-month commitment, a 30-day written notice is required. Please fill out a resignation form and submit it to your Service Coordinator. 

Planning Center Online

Planning Center Online

Planning Center Online is the web based scheduling site that the CE Department currently uses to schedule all of our volunteers and keep track of absence requests. This is an easy and quick way for you to verify your monthly volunteer schedule, extra childcare events, pre-service volunteer meetings, as well as keep track of the dates you will be absent.


In reference to the Code of Ethics that states, “ALL absences require a 2-week notice for all non- emergency absences,” a step you can take in the Planning Center is, you can block out all family birthdays, anniversaries, vacation plans, etc. on the Planning Center calendar at any time.

If you do not see the Calendar in the upper left portion of the screen, you can click on the yellow folder to the left of your service title; e.g.: Preschool Wednesday 7pm or Nursery Sunday 9am, etc., then you will see the calendar. Underneath the calendar, locate the button that reads “Block-out dates” and click on it to block out the dates you will be absent. You will also be able to type in the reason for your absence before you click on the “accept” button in the lower right hand corner.


If you do not currently have an email address, we can assist you with setting up a free email account.
If you do not have Internet access or an email address, we will continue to communicate your schedule via your Service Coordinator each week. Make sure you communicate well in advance, so there is a 2-weeks notice of all absences.


For all of our Facebook junkies, The Planning Center Online has a Facebook app that allows you to check your schedule, as well as confirm and decline your availability directly from Facebook.


Here is what you can do if you would like to receive and respond to notifications on your phone via text. You can go into your Planning Center account and follow the prompts next to your cell phone number. You must have a “1” and your area code in front of your number for this to work. You will select a phone carrier provider and go from there.

If you have any questions or need assistance logging in, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help.