The Purpose of Prayer: 

  • Prayer time in your small group is undoubtedly the most important part of the service, because the ultimate end of Greenhouse Kids is to lead kids to grow in their relationship with God!
  • It is the most important thing you’ll ever teach these kids to do.
  • Is it easy for them? No! It takes a while for them to feel comfortable doing it. Sometimes sharing prayer requests is tough; some kids may not give a real request until they know the group better.
  • Does it get easier? Yes! The more they do it, the easier it gets. Sometimes it doesn’t get easier. If a child has a real hurt, or a prayer request that you’re concerned about, please notify a staff member. If you feel the need to discuss it with the kid’s parent, talk to the kid first to let them know. You don’t want to lose their trust!
  • The lessons are very important, but cut your lesson short before you leave out prayer time.

How to Lead Prayer in Your Small Group:

Writing Down Requests

  • Kids can write down everyone's prayer request to look at during the week.
  • Allow each kid to switch cards with someone else.
  • You could create a prayer journal to help communicate with your group throughout the week! You can follow up with each kid with a phone call regarding their prayer request.  

Prayer Time Ideas:

Prayer Partners

  • Have prayer partners within your group. Pair up kids to others they don’t already know. Make it their “job” to call one another during the week and pray with them about their request. 

  • Give points to kids who call their prayer partner

  • Pray in smaller groups—this is the best option!
  • Pray in a circle. Have everyone hold hands, and have one leader begin praying. Go clockwise around the circle, and anyone who wants to pray can. If someone chooses not to pray, they can squeeze the person’s hand next to them.
  • Make a prayer rule! Anyone who talks during prayer gets sent down to the coordinator immediately! No exceptions!

Limiting Prayer Requests

  • Some kids like to pray for ten different people, and all the requests don’t relate to them in anyway. Try to limit the requests to 1-2 per person. We want the kids to share a request because it means something to them, and we want them to pray for it also!
  • Lead them to pray for something that deals directly with them or their immediate family. There are exceptions, but feel free to set limitations.

The Key:  Never leave prayer time out of your small group! If you need to, cut your lesson short to pray.