Hi everyone! Spring break is coming up this NEXT WEEK.

Because we have such an amazing team of college-aged leaders in GHKids, every year we need to take the time to find out who will be here and when. I know that some of you will be relaxing some will be recouping from midterms, while other will be on missions trip around the world! And while all that is happening, GHKids will be here, making disciples ;-).

Here is what I would ask you to do:

1) Pray for GHKids while you are gone!

2) If it doesn't change your plans, consider leaving late or coming back early from Spring Break to serve one of the two weekends at GHKids.

3) Let us know your plans!

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Which GHKids team do you typically serve with?
Are you available Feb 28/Mar 1 Weekend?
Are you available Mar 7/8 Weekend?